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Friday, February 25, 2005

This post cracked by social engineering...

I realized what a big deal the T-Mobil/Paris Hilton hack was when I overheard the guy who is basically the equivilant of CIO in my organization discussing it. Now, of course, there is the stolen Fred Durst video (info here.

I'm wondering if this really was a hack or breach of T-Mobile's security in regards to the Hilton sidekick thing. After all, the bottom of the webpage that hosted it reads

The previous information was obtained using social engineering tactics.

Social engineering isn't usually straight-up codebreaking. It usually involves tricking someone into thinking you are someone who should have access to info - ie calling a helpdesk and pretending you need your password reset or those paypal and ebay phishing spoofs that pretend to be from legit organizations to get your info.

I will be very curious to see how this stuff was actually obtained - and I'm guessing it may not be from an actual technical hack.

BTW, for you pervs, the videos and corresponding webpages are here - NOT SAFE FOR WORK - or anywhere else, for that matter.


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