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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Listen to the pornographer, he's making sense..

The White House has decided to reinstate an appeal of an indictment of a pornographer.

I find myself agreeing with the porno guy:
You'd think our government has a lot more things to worry about with the war in Iraq

Now, mad anthony understands that some people find pr0n to be offensive, and from the article it sounds like the pr0n in question is probably among the most offensive. But any time you get beyond the obviously illegal (ie kiddie porn), you are getting into judgement calls about who finds what is obscene. And quite frankly, I think the government has a lot more important things to do then try to figure out what is offensive enough to be illegal and what isn't. If consenting adults want to buy videos of other consenting adults doing stuff with each other, should the government really be stepping in?

Protecting the U.S. from terrorism and fixing the clusterfarg that is social security are things that I think should be high priorities for the government. Deciding the difference between obscene pr0n and regular old pr0n shouldn't be.


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