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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I've adopted endangered gizmos...

Via Virginia Postrel comes the Electronic Frontier Foundation's list of endangered and extinct gizmos.

I think it's funny that out of the 5 extinct products, I own or have used three of them. The features that got SonicBlue sued in the RePlay 4000 - internet sharing and commercial skip - are also present in my RePlay 5060. (I'm kind of surprised that they didn't mention DVArchive and the current 5500 series Show|Nav feature, which is similar to commercial skip - but maybe they didn't want RePlay to get sued again).

I have a copy of DVD XCopy, which I bought because it was $5 after rebate. It's the old, pre-lawsuit version. To be honest, I've never used it, since I've never really had a reason to copy an encrypted DVD.

I also was a big Napster user back in the day. It first came out when I was a sophmore in college, and I remember what a huge improvement it was in the previous ways of getting music - FTP and a website called that searched windows shares. I also remember getting kicked off a few months later for having 2 or 3 Metallica songs, which pissed me off because I had the username "madanthony", with no numbers after it. I used LimeWire for a while, then eventually reformated my hard drive, reinstalled windows, and re-signed up for Napster, and used it until the service got shut down. I then switched to Kazzaa (*shudder*), Kazzaa Lite, WinMX, and eMule.


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