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Monday, February 14, 2005

I (heart) city life - it makes for great blog posts...

I live in Resevoir Hill, an "emerging neighborhood" (ie ghetto) in Baltimore City. It makes for great stories. While my stories aren't as good as my ex-roomate BSOM, who while he lived here had a)someone try to sell him a 5 gallon bucket of paint and b)someone ask him for money so they could buy crack so a girl would have sex with them.

This week has been interesting so far. The building next to me has been abandoned for years, and they just started working on it a few months ago. I roll up from work/errands on Saturday night, and a guy who is working on the house asks me to call him and the police if I hear anyone trying to break in, because he's seen some guy walking around and he doesn't want anyone jacking his tools. Fine, although quite frankly my entire block could exlode and I probably wouldn't notice, given the size of my building and my propensity to listen to music and TV at top volume.

Today I roll up and park and am greeted by two Ann Arundle County police officers asking me questions about the building next door to me, such as if I'd noticed a certain vehicle. In typical Baltimore City fashion, while they are at it they notice an old Toyota Camry that hasn't moved in weeks (it's already sporting two parking tickets) which apparently is stolen but not connected to whatever they are looking into. They also ask mad anthony to try to find out "who is doing work on the house" if he sees anyone working on it. Hmm - pump people with possible criminal connections who know where I live for information to turn over to the po-po. I think I am more likely to stab hot skewers into my eyballs.

See, I bet you suburban dwellers, with your fancy driveways and backyards and your ability to ability to use multiple appliances at the same time without blowing a fuse never have this much drama. It's like a soap opera, except nobody has amnesia and there is the possibility you might get shot. This is why mad anthony is seriously thinking of buying a house, and if he does it will either be in Baltimore County or so far on the edges of Baltimore City that it might as well be in the County.


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