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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Don't jam my cell, jerk...

New Yorkers are having fun jamming each other's cell phones, thanks to stores selling jammers that cut off cell signals. The jammers are illegal under FCC regulations because they interfere with emergency communications.

As much as I dislike government regulation, this makes sense. It also seems to make a good case for the FCC enforcing this - think of what a great tool this is for would-be terrorists. Blow up a bomb, and then jam cell signals so nobody can call for help, and so rescue can't call each other.

But ignoring the national security implications, the people who are jamming cell phones are jerks. For the record, mad anthony isn't the kind of person who talks on his cell much in public, mostly because he doesn't have anyone to talk to. But I don't see a huge difference between talking on your cell and talking to the person next to you. Would you cover the mouth of someone talking to their friend on a train or in front of you in a line? If not, then what gives you the right to do it to someone on the phone? (If you answered yes, then you should plan on being arrested for assault in the near future). Throw in the fact that some people have very good reasons for cell phone conversations (checking up on their kids/parents, dealing with an emergency, letting a loved one know where they are so that they don't worry, ect).

From the article:
One local purchaser bought a portable jammer last year, and said he likes using it at Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island. "One time I followed this guy around for 20 minutes," he said. "I kept zapping him and zapping him, until finally he threw the phone on the floor. I couldn't stop laughing. It was so cool."

Thanks, "local purchaser". As pathetic as my life is, at least I have better things to do than harrass local cell phone users - like post on this blog.


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