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Friday, February 18, 2005

A day off...

I took today off from work. My workplace doesn't let me acculmulate more than 2 weeks of vacation - 75 hours - at a time. When I looked at my pay stub, last week, I had 74.45 hours of vacation. Time for Mad Anthony to take a day off...

A day off - I haven't taken many, and most of them have been around holidays, so I'm driving to my parent's house anyway. I worked nights for my first year and a half, so I got in the habit of not taking vacation, because taking time off would mean making someone else cover my shift. At one point I actually was maxed out and lost vacation time. So the concept of a day off still seems strange - to not come to work, but still get paid as if I did. It's kind of wierd when you think about it - and having spent a couple summers in college as a temp, where a vacation day was a day without pay, it still strikes me as odd.

My first thought was that I would spend a day doing absolutly nothing - sleeping late, drinking beer, and watching TV. Then I realized that there were a ton of things I should do - errands, cleaning, homework, ect. Of course, I wound up somewhere in the middle- I got some errands done, a small amount of cleaning (I now have a 2x2 foot square of floor that doesn't have crap piled on it instead of a 1x1 square). I also slept late and watched a ton of TV

I'm taking off again in 2 weeks to drive up to NJ and visit the family, since I haven't seen them in around 2 months and since I figure while I will go up there for Easter, it will probably be too hectic to spend much time with them. It's the first weekend of spring break, so it seems like a good time (even though I have a take-home exam for one of my classes due that week).


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