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Thursday, January 27, 2005


I've mentioned Wal-Mart on this blog before. I haven't been to a Wal-Mart in about 2 years - until today. I had some time to kill before my night MBA class, and I had stopped at the nearby Target the day before. I wanted to see if WallyWorld had anything worthwhile on clearance, dig thru the giant bin of discounted DVD's, kill some time, and give me something to fill up some blog space.

The answer - time killed, nothing good on clearance. I did find two DVD's in the "2 for $11 bin" that I wanted. Go to check out and one of them rings up for $13 something. Tell the clerk, she calls someone, tells me that it's not. I saw at least one other copy of the movie in the bin, so either someone picked up two copies of Friday (which was the movie) and dumped them in the bin, or Walmart is either sloppy or lazy and dumps movies they don't know where to put in the bin.

I also thought the store was darker, dirtier, and less pleasent than the Targets I have been in. I didn't look at enough stuff to judge prices. But I guess enough people must like the prices to shop there - because they don't seem to shop their for the customer service or the experience.


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