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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Thoughts on the new Mac stuff...

I heard all the rumors about the flash based iPod and the headless mac before Macworld - and I didn't believe any of them. So of course they were both released...

The iPod Shuffle will probably do well. I say that because I would never buy one and am not really sure why someone would - which is exactly what I said about the iPod Mini, and it was a smash hit. That actually isn't totally true - it's probably pretty price-competive with other flash drives, with the advantage of Apple quality and iTunes integration. If you work out alot or just want a very basic MP3 player, it's probably a great device.

The Mac Mini is the kind of device Mac people have wanted for years, ever since Apple started making iMacs (and then eMacs) as their low-end computer, thus ensuring that anyone who wanted a cheap Mac would also have to pay for a monitor. It's perfect for a bunch of uses - for someone who wants a Mac as a second computer, for a home theater PC, for kids or old people, even to mount in a car install. Sure, you can get a basic eMachine or Dell for a hundred or two cheaper, but not with Apple quality or OSX stability. This may be a great way for Apple to expand it's fan base.


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