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Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh, snow you don't

Well, they are predicting lots of snow for tomorrow starting tomorrow morning, with possible accumulations of up to 13" over the course of the next two days.

This couldn't be at a worse time for me. I work overtime on Saturdays, so this could cause problems in a couple of ways - if they cancel work, I don't get paid, because it's overtime. If I go into work and it then starts snowing a ton, I then have to drive back home in the mess, plus have to deal with trying to find a place to park on my snow-covered city street. If it could wait to start snowing until early afternoon I would be happy - I don't need to be anywhere on Sunday, and maybe I would get a day or two off from work on Monday/Tuesday - paid days since they are normal days.

I'm ready on the off chance that I don't go into work tomorrow. I usually run errands Saturday after work, but I ran them after work tonight instead. Picked up some prescriptions, stopped at Well's for a 30 pack of Shaffer Light (which brings back memories of college), stopped at the grocery store (yes, I did get bread (acttually bagels) and milk) - I was pretty impressed that despite the parking lot at the York Road Giant being fuller than I ever remember seeing it, they had a ton of checkout lines opened and they were only slightly longer than normal - although there was a bit of a cart shortage. Also got Chinese food (General Tso's chicken) and I still have half of it as leftovers.

Probably should try to find my boots just in case for tomorrow....


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