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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Let it snow....

Well, I'm back home. I work Saturdays for overtime at a satelite campus that my college operates. We were open today, but the rentals/special events we had scheduled were cancelled. We did still have classes, but they let out early. I left our campus just north of the Beltway a few minutes before noon noon and got back home around 12:30 - I usually can make the trip in about 15 minutes without traffic. The roads weren't aweful, but they weren't great either, and exit ramps were a mess. I was lucky that there were a couple of open parking spaces on my street.

So now I'm home, with a freezer full of food, a case of Shaffer Light, a humidor full of cigars, a roaring (gas) fire, and no homework (I got the tiny amount I had done already). Snow is falling steadily outside. I might take some pics later...


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