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Monday, January 10, 2005

Everybody loves Ramen...

Because I'm fat, lazy, and cheap, I tend to keep food in my cubical at work - candy, granola bars, and those Ramen noodles in a cup. They are cheap - Rite Aid frequently has them for 4 for $1 - and don't taste too bad. Plus they are shelf stable.

I had about 5 of them. We apparently have a mouse at the helpdesk - which managed to chew through all of them. A couple just had a few teethmarks, but several had holes all the way through the cup and all the noodles inside were gone. So somewhere around here is a mouse that must be very very thirsty. It took me a while to clean the styrofoam/mouse poop/noodles out of my cube, and my hands still smell like chicken broth despite repeated washing.

Not much of a post, but it did give me an excuse to use that title...


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Beth said...

In a word, Eeeewwwww!


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