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Sunday, January 09, 2005

A big day of nothing, or something...

Today was a rare event - a day where I didn't have anywhere to be (ie work) or any homework that I had to do (not that I always do it promptly when I have it, but it always hangs over my head and makes me feel bad when I'm doing whatever I'm doing). My MBA classes don't start until the 19th. This is probably the only day like this I will have until May - I'll probably have to go into work next Sunday and Monday (which is a day off at the college I work at) to deal with students moving back in.

I did do stuff today - I had a $10 coupon card that could only be used at the South Baltimore Staples, so I took a trip down there. It's the creepiest Staples ever - it's literally at the end of an industrial park across from Raven's stadium. It's the only retailer in a sea of light industrial. But I now have notebooks for this semester's classes, along with Christmas packing tape (clearance, my eBay customer's won't care) and a couple old Handspring Visor cradles for resale.

I also did some cleaning and got rid of a bunch of trash. Finally cleaned the bathroom, which is something that needed to be done for a while. Cleaning always seems like too generous for what I did - it's more like less dirty than clean. If I didn't share the bathroom with a housemate, I would never clean it, but he's way neater than I am, and I feel bad about that.

Ate some dinner, typed up some eBay descriptions, and started rereading dot.bomb - for some reason I got an urge to re-read about Value America's struggle and failure.

You know, I'm not even real sure why I wrote this post.


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