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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Turkey? Maybe not...

Via Mickey Kaus, the only blogger who can interject the Porche Cayene into a post on exit polling (scroll down to Wednesday, December 1 - how come I can have permalinks but Micro-freakin-soft can't?) comes this list of automotive turkeys.

The first catagory on their list is residula value, and their picks for the worst residual value are the Dodge Neon, Ford Taurus, and Mercury Sable - they say they will retain only 17% of their value in 4 years.

How do they get this data? .. they will retain the lowest percentage of their original sticker prices, according to the Kelley Blue Book Residual Value Guide's latest figures.

Yes, it's based on sticker price. So it really means nothing, since it's unlikely that anyone anywhere will ever buy a Neon or Taurus at sticker. For years, the American car company's stratagy has been to come up with a price for cars, and then instantly discount it with rebates, incentives, and steep cuts from haggling at the dealership. Plus, a huge chunk of the sales of these cars are to fleets, especially car-rental places, that get HUGE discounts. So using a percent of sticker price seems rather pointless.


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