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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sound like anyone you know...

I didn't really start reading Ace of Spades until his great Applebee's piece. But he's got some great stuff - especially this one.

Does this remind you of anyone you know? It reminds me of one of my old collge roomates - good guy, but not real into politics but still convinced that his liberalism was the answer to whatever the question was.

In college I was a spectator to a fight between two people. One was a conservative, the other a liberal. They were fighting over whether or not the government should provide some social service. The liberal was quite insistent that the conservative's failure to support this service made him a loathesome, selfish person.

He blew up. "What are you talking about?!" he demanded. "You and I do the same things. Neither one of us donates our time or money. We just sit around and bullshit and drink beer. But because you have this political position that costs you nothing in terms of effort or money, you pat yourself on the back for being morally superior!"

I actually think that's a big problem with modern liberalism, especially in terms of its diminishing political appeal.


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