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Friday, December 24, 2004

Signs of Christmas..

I take the back way from NJ to Baltimore - I-83 to I-81 to I-78. It takes about the same time as taking the NJ Turnpike, but it's usually a smooth drive, and I like not having to stop for tolls - plus gas and snacks are usually cheaper.

There is a sign I always pass on I-78 westbound somwhere between exit 13 and exit 20. It's near the Assembly of Yahweh shortwave radio station, but on the other side, so I don't know if it's them or just some farmer. It's one of those signs with the removable letters, like you see at movie theaters. In the past, I've seen it contain messages about how adulterers and homosexuals will be punished. This time it bore a different message:

Santa is a myth.
Lying to children
destroys their moral character.

This falls into one of those catagories of things so far out of the mainstream that it's hard to comprehend, let alone debate. But sometimes it's good to realize how far in either direction people are. It really puts into perspective the views of people like Lileks who lament the decline of the use of the term "Merry Christmas".


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