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Monday, December 06, 2004

One of those days...

In addition to the usual fun of work (nothing like the frequent threat of being fired - I'm at the point where I figure if I get fired, it's a sign from God that it's time to change careers and do law school anyway), I went out to my car to find a generous present from the City of Baltimore.

It's only $27, and it's actually the first parking ticket I've gotten in the last 2 years (despite living in an area where I have to park on the street for the last year an a half), so those odds are pretty good. And it beats being towed and having to pay $150 to get my car out.

But in typical Baltimore fashion, the signs are stupid (if I remember I'll try to take the Toshiba with me and get some pics. There is a sign with an arrow to the left that says no stopping and to the right that says no parking 4-6. I parked to the right - right in front of the sign with the arrows pointing both ways that says no stopping. I normally am smart enough not to fall into these traps, but I was running late this morning and there weren't a lot of parking spaces.


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