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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Mad Anthony's big day off...

I took a vacation day today - I had my managerial accounting final today and wanted to get some study time in, since I didn't get a whole lot done over thanksgiving break, plus I wanted to use up some vacation time so I wouldn't start losing it.

It was actually a pretty enjoyable day... which makes me wonder if I should start considering a career change, when I would rather spend several hours doing accounting problems than be at work...

I paced myself though - got up, browsed the internet a while while drinking coffee, went to the school library for two hours, picked up some chinese food, went home, watched TV and ate, back to the libary for another hour and a half, then off to Columbia. Grabbed coffee at Borders (I strongly recomend the Holiday Blend, by the way - it's like drinking a gingerbread house). Studied some more and then it was test time.

I think I did pretty well (although I could be wrong), and it's nice that I'm now down to one class. If only I had some clue what the hell I was doing in my other class though...


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