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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Some random thoughts on the election, and poop...

I know - I run a mostly political blog, and I have said very little about the reelection of the candidate I fully supported. But I've been busy - working 6 days a week, taking 2 college classes, selling piles of junk on eBay, ect. Also, my stomach has been bothering me for the last week and a half, inspiring fun conversations with my doctor on the frequency with which I poop.

I'm glad that Kerry decided not to have a long, protracted, and unwinnable legal battle. I won't hold it against him that he didn't concede on Tuesday night, since he did so elequently on Wednesday.

I thought his speech was good - although I was a little creeped out when he named all the kids who sent him money. Isn't there something disturbing about 6 year olds sending their allowance money to a guy who lives in a chateau imported from Europe and has more cars than most rappers?

The Dems saw that the youth vote wasn't as big as they expected. Not listing to PDIDDY, many kids neither voted nor died. They also seem to be excited that they gained a point or two above previous years. Nevermind that around 45% of young people still voted for Bush - which seems pretty good considering how hard Kerry, Moore, et al went after the youth vote and all the rumors of a draft.

Slate has lots of Democrats reacting to the election - some of them are well thought out and well-written while others go with the idea that all Republicans are bible thumping morons. More on that later.


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