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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Oh no, he's hooked on candles...

I got carded today. What dangerous item was Mad Anthony buying? Beer? Tobacco? Porn? Nope.

I was buying a BIC Emotions candle lighter. It was on sale at Rite Aid with a rebate, I had a coupon and it wound up being 99 cents after all was said and done. And the clerk made me show ID.

I'm guessing they classify any sort of ligher as smoking related and require ID. But I'm 24. I rarely get carded when I buy beer or cigars, so it's strange to get carded buying a candle lighter. It's also kind of creepy. I'm guessing it's a policy thing and not a law, but what is this world coming to when a consenting adult can't light a candle in his own apartment without having to show ID? Will McDonald's start making me sign a medical waiver before I order a Big Mac?


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