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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Kinda makes the Religious Right look tolerant...

I saw this a while ago but haven't gotten to write about it until now.. via FreeWill comes this article about a 14 year old Iranian boy who was stoned to death for not honoring the Ramadan fast.

I think it's interesting that many on the left complain about the Religious Right in America, and yet are supportive of regimes like the Taliban that seek to impose a religious law far worse than any Chrisian televangalist can dream of. In America, if you are a pregnant woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock, chances are you qualify for free money from the government in terms of WIC, section 8 vouchers, ect. Under certain interpretations of Sharia law, you get the death penalty. Keep that in mind the next time someone calls you cruel for advocating welfare reform.

I fully support the seperation of church and state, but I think it's also important to realize what a good system of separation we have. As powerful as "Jesusland" may be as a voting block, they haven't made huge changes. Roe V. Wade is still the law of the land, the Federal Marriage Ammendment got shot down, and Roy Moore had to take his 10 commandments out of the courthouse.

If the worst religious oppression we can find is kids singing Christmas songs on government property and not kids getting pelted with rocks for eating lunch, I think we are in good shape.


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