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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

what are you smoking?

The following smoking policy was posted on the website of the satellite collge campus where I work on Saturdays:

We've had several complaints from students who are questioning our support of the "No Smoking within 30 Feet of the Building" college policy.

In an effort to respond to these complaints in an appropriate manner, we have removed the cigarette urns from the front step area and have relocated them on the first island in the parking lot and the lower bay side of the building. Please note that we have also made a bench available at both locations to encourage a smoker-friendly atmosphere.

We are currently looking at ways to promote smoking activities away from the building in a positive way. An inclement weather overhang, attractive signage, and easy access are all items for review.

First of all, let me say that I only smoke cigars, smoke them rarely, and can count the number of cigars smoked on the job on one hand. But are we taking this no smoking thing a bit too far? Yes, it's reasonable not to have smoking indoors - lots of people don't like the smell, it bother some people, ect. But what is the point of saying smokers can't stand outside the door? You walk past them for a few seconds - it's not like you are breathing smoke for hours on end. Sure, smokers are engaging in what most people would say is a bad habit, but are they really so evil that we need to make them stand outside in the parking lot in the rain so we don't have to smell a few seconds of smoke? Why do we seem to have more respect for people who use illegal drugs than people who smoke?


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