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Friday, October 15, 2004

Teresa's health plan drives me to drink...

You know, a Kerry presidency makes me nervous - I think he would raise my taxes, make the country less secure against terrorism, and make the health care system resemble the DMV. However, there is an upside - more brilliant comments from his wife.

She has said some interesting stuff at a recent campaign stop (hat tip Will Collier).

First of all, she opposes drug advertising because it Personally, I think it creates a dilemma.” “It’s like cereal (advertising),” she said. “The more sugar, the more toys, the more kids want it.”

I may be wrong, but I think there are restrictions on advertising for prescription drugs that limit what can be advertised - and most of the ones that are "lifestyle drugs" - drugs that aren't for life-or-death problems, but rather ones that improve the way you live. Think social anxiety drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, and heartburn. Many of these are things that people wouldn't know they have or wouldn't know they have drugs that help. I think that this helps people, because it lets them know that there are drugs available to help problems that they otherwise wouldn't know about. However, these aren't the life-saving drugs that 89-year old ladies are being denied. They may drive up the cost of medicine, but they also drive up the quality.

More amusing, however, was her other remedy - raisins soaked in gin as a cure for arthritis. I've heard of this before, and maybe it does work - supposedly the sulfur helps releave the pain - although I'm guessing enough gin may make you forget about your pain as well. If this is the Kerry healthcare plan, I am a little worried.

Although I wonder if it will allow me to pound a sixer of Natty Boh before work, and then tell my boss that I was "just taking my medicine". Also, would gin be covered by insurance under the THK plan?


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