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Monday, October 25, 2004

Sell out with me tonight, sell out with me, oh yea..

U2 has signed a deal with Apple to distribute a special U2 edition iPod that will be black instead of white and come with the latest U2 album as well as a bunch of their old catalog. U2 fans are not too happy about it.

From the article:
She says, "Some pockets of U2 fans will rankle at the band aligning themselves with a major corporation such as Apple, but yet also aligning themselves with AIDS charity work."

What the heck? Aside from the fact that it's hard to consider Apple, always a quirky fringe company run by ex-hippies with less than 5% market share in computers, as a big evil multinational corporation, what is so odd about being involved in charity work and making money? Lots of wealthy people (think Carnigie, Heinz, ect) have made buttloads of money and given it to charity. And it's way easier to do good by making money and donating it than being poor and not being able to donate anything.


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