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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Nukin' it....

One thing that really puzzled me in the debate was John Kerry's preference for bilateral talks with North Korea compared to Bush's preference for multilateral ones. I have to admit that after a few minutes of hearing the two talk about it I was about to start banging my head into my desk.

Captain Ed and his coblogger Whiskey have good analysis here and here.

It strikes me as an odd position for Kerry since
a)most people don't know the difference between bilateral and multilateral, or care. Nobody is going to change their mind and vote for either candidate over their stance on this issue and
b)Kerry talks on and on about building coalitions, calling our current Iraq coalition fraudulent, getting more UN involvement, ect. - but in an area where Bush has brought together all the interested parties, Kerry would rather have us act like cowboys by going it alone, as the left wingers like to say about Bush

Kerry wants to disagree with Bush on as much as possible so that he can run as the anti-Bush. That might make sense when he's debating controversial things like the war in Iraq - while I support it, war does have high costs and intellegent people can debate if the benefits will be worth the cost. But Kerry seems so focused on always disagreeing with Bush that he'll to it even when it seems clear that Bush's stance is reasonable and noncontroversial.


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