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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The new al-Zawahri mixtape dropped this week...

Via Drudge comes the latest Zawahri tape. He says that if Muslims don't start blowing stuff up now, they will be "devoured" one country at a time. We can only hope.

He urges attacks on U.S. and British interests worldwide. One of the interesting quotes is this one:
In addition to the United States and Britain, al-Zawahri singled out Australia, France, Poland, Norway, South Korea and Japan, saying they had all participated in occupying Afghanistan, Iraq or Chechnya and gave Israel the "means of survival."

See, that whole not about being involved in Iraq has really spared France the wrath of the terrorists. So much for John Kerry saying that Iraq made OBL hate us more - OBL hates everyone who isn't a radical Muslim extreamist. Also, note the "means of survival" thing about Israel. See, radical Islam doesn't want to peacefully coexist with Israel. They want them dead, they don't want them to survive.

The other interesting thing is that it's Zawahri, not OBL, who keeps making the tapes - which lends credibility to the idea that OBL might be taking a dirt nap right now. Which of course makes Kerry's debate points about the problems of "outsourcing" our attempt at capturing him, and his criticism that Bush's focus on Iraq took away front he hunt for OBL seem hollow.


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