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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Mistakes were made?

In a recent Edwards speech in Oregon, he critized President Bush for not admitting any mistakes in the second debate.

He criticized Bush for failing to acknowledge any mistakes he has made while in office when he was asked to do so at a press conference and later during Friday's presidential debate.

"You can't fix a problem 'til you see a problem and George Bush can't see what's happening," he said. "After Nov. 2, we're going to give him all the time in the world to think about the mistakes he's made."

I thought this question was unfair at the time, and I think this proves it. If Bush had given an actual answer to this question, I would guess that Edwards would be bringing that up as proof of his mistakes. When the answer to a question can be used against a candidate no matter what he responds, I consider it a rather unfair question.


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