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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debate blogging followup

Well, I was almost too busy blogging to form any dramatic opinions, and I haven't checked the rest of the blogs for feedback. Overall, I wouldn't say that there were a lot of surpises. The talking heads are on fox now (I got my sound back by turning off recording on the RePlay). Mort Kondrack things it got dull. Can't really disagree.

I think that Dick did a good job of pointing out Kerry's senate record, getting No Child Left Behind out there, and showing his experience. I wish that he had been able to give a better response to Edwards than visit to the Halliburton complaints - but I think the time frame made it hard to do that.

I was also surprised how much Edwards beat on Iran, especially after he wanted to send them nuclear materials.

May have some more thoughts later.


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