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Friday, October 01, 2004

bag of crap, part 3

Got my bag of crap today - actually bags, they sent me an extra order that had my name on the shipping label but the name of Cathy from Fresno, CA on the packing slip. Not wanting to jack Cathy's shit, I emailed w00t, and recieved a one line reply - "don't worry about it". So now I've got 2 bags of crap.

Both boxes contained:
-an Iomega bag (with a peerless tag on it, originally designed for Iomega's line of peerless drives)
-3 kensington Priority Pucks - a small blue plastic sorter for papers (which would be great, except it doesn't hold a whole lot - I can hardly fit my credit card bill in one of the slots
-a Gateway camera accessory kit consisting of a mini tripod, a small bag, a battery charger with 2 AAA batteries, a lanyard, and a cleaning cloth
-a "cellular pen" (this one) that lights up when your cell phone rings - totally the answer to a question nobody ever asked.

here is a picture of my craptacular glory.


At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great crap.


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