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Friday, October 15, 2004

Are you calling me fat?

When I used to work nights with BSOM, we would usually grab dinner during work. We had a running joke (which probably seems really stupid in print) where one of us would make a food related comment and the other would go "Are you calling me fat?". For example, we got chinese food one time and I had two bags, each with our orders in them. I go "this bag must be yours, it's heavier" and he goes "Are you calling me fat?".

The fact is that I am fat. I try to eat better, but I tend to fall off the wagon, I lead a sedentary lifestyle, work at a job where I rarely get up, and eat a lot of fast and convinient food. While it's obvious looking at me that I have a 30-pack instead of a six-pack, most people are polite enough not to point it out.

Until today. I was working with Dave, my coworker (and occasional co-drinker) to set up some machines for some specialized software that has for reasons I don't understand become partly my responsibility. We were lugging the empty boxes to the dumpster when we bumped into the guy who fills the vending machines at the college where I work. He complemented Dave for losing a ton of weight (which he has), and then goes to me "and you, what's up with you? You look like you've gained a bunch of weight" (or something to that effect). Which sadly is true, but most people are a little too polite to point it out. But yup, he basically called me fat.


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