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Friday, September 10, 2004

Warning labels kill..

I have a silly amount of electronics in my apartment - 3 computers, home theater system with 5 speakers, multiple home theater devices that require Ethernet connections (a RePlay and a GoVideo networked DVD player), and a bunch of other stuff. I'm also not the world's neatest person, so the wires run all over the place in my room, including crossing over places where I regularly walk. I'm also kind of a klutz - I fell in the shower last year and walked around with a giant bump on my head for a month.

My landlord frequently tells me that he wishes I would do something about all the wires. A few nights ago I was walking barefoot across my room getting ready for bed when I started to fall because of one the wires. I caught myself before falling all the way. What was funny, though, was that I didn't actually trip over the extension cord - instead, I slid on the plastic safety warning tag informing me that electrical cords can be hazardous sources of electric shock.


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