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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Maybe I should write a movie...

At work a couple day, we had a parent's father whose daughter called us about 5 times in the morning about his daugher's email account. One of my coworkers remarked "I bet he's going to come here and bring a gun"

I think getting shot while working at a helpdesk would be a great way to get a massive amount of workers comp, and some time off.

It sounds like a made for TV movie, probably which would be on FOX. It would probably have a cool name like "Terror at Tech Services"

It also sounds like one of those Reader's Digest articles - you know, like the ones that involve some ordinary person who is drivng to work when they drive off a cliff into the ocean, but then are rescued just in time by some old guy and some loaner construction worker.

It would probably start out with "Mad Anthony thought it would be like any other day. He drove his car to work, running late as usual, and parked illegally in one of the service vehicle spots behind his office."

Throw in some boring day to day stuff, followed by guy with gun, followed by sevreral sentances of pure terror, followed by a heroic rescue.

It would be read by millions of subscribers while they sit on the crapper.

Any Hollywood types want to make me an offer for the screenplay?


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