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Friday, September 03, 2004

Encounters with liberals...

Two strange exchanges this week:

I was in a local corner bar on Wednesday (half price burger Wednesday!) with BSOM. Towards the end of dinner, the woman sitting next to me goes "Did I overhear you say that you think you are the only Democrats here? Because I wanted to let you know that you aren't". Which is funny, because 1)we didn't say this 2)it's pretty much the opposite of the truth 3)the woman kept going on even after we denied making the statement. Darn dems - refuse to admit when they are wrong. It also seemed like an odd thing to think anyone said in a bar in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans 10-1.

Second odd comment of the day - I was working on a student's computer today at the college I work at. The wiring in her room was messed up - the light switch turned off all the electrical outlets in the room. I commented that some of the stuff in the rooms was jerry-rigged, considering that the building used to be apartments before it was converted into dorms. The woman remarked "that's why there are so many homeless people". Which seemed like an odd statement - I can't imaginine that the number of apartment buildings converted into dorms is significant, the building in question was a fairly high-end apartment building - it wasn't poor people who moved out - and I think rent control, substance abuse, and people who would prefer not to work.


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