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Friday, September 10, 2004

Blogging report...

Frequent visitors (both of them) may notice that there aren't a lot of recent posts from me of late. I've been crazy busy of late - it's start of school where I work. This means that Mad Anthony has been working mad overtime - the "buy Mad Anthony a house so he gets out the hood" fund is growing nicely.

This year, though, the start of school means more than Mad Anthony telling incoming freshmen how to use email. Mad Anthony is also a student now, taking his first MBA class last night. It's wierd being a student again, and I can't help wondering why I'm doing this - hours in class, homework, ect. It feels wierd being surrounded in class by people with important business jobs, when Mad Anthony is a lowely tech support drone with neither the drive nor the people skills to go much above that. But I have the oportunity to take classes for free and figure I might as well. At least my walls will eventually have another diploma on them.


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