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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Stuff blowin up in my own backyard...

An article I found very interesting from NewsFeed - Hamas leader arrested videotaping the Cheaspeake Bay Bridge. More info in the Baltimore Sun (via LGF.

A guy who was a leading financer of the Hamas terrorist organization was found taping the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a 17 mile bridge (complete with it's own gift shop and resturant) that connects the Eastern shore of Maryland with Virginia. The guy was pulled over when they noticed him videotaping the bridge. He said he was at the beach, but couldn't name what beach, and his video consisted of lots of close-ups that aren't the kind of pics tourists usually take.

The fact that terrorists appear interested in blowing up bridges is interesting (especially to me when they are in my state) and I think it says something about the fact that the war against radical Muslim terrorism is and will be ongoing. But it's also interesting that this guy was Hamas. You will find lots on the left who defend Palastinian terrorism as just Palastinians fighting for a homeland, and claim that the terror attacks against the Israel are justified act of war. Here, however, is something that suggests that Hamas seeks to go beyond blowing up Jews in the middle east for, you know, wanting to exist, and wants to blow up Americans too. Think about that the next time someone says that the US shouldn't support Israel or that the Palestinian terrorists are freedom fighters - they want to kill you too. Not because you directly have done anything, but because you want to drive to the beach with your kids.


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