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Friday, August 27, 2004

More college PC sillyness...

an interesting article on WSJ/OpinionJournal aboutUNC derecognizing a Christian frat for saying it would not accept non-Christians. Note that it wasn't delisted because it refused to admit a non-Christian who wanted to join, but rather because it refused to sign a form saying that it would not discriminate based on religion. So it's not that anyone even claims to be harmed yet.

How far does this go? If a campus has a Catholic group on campus, will the government require that they give non-Catholics communion (which is against Church teachings)? Why would a non-Christian want to join a Christian frat to begin with? (My guess is a lot of Christians wouldn't want to join either - when I think Frat, I don't usually think religion).

Sometimes diversity, especially in terms of religion, means not everyone does the same thing. That's true diversity.


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