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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Moore meets the RNC

Micheal Moore has his first USA Today column from the RNC up, and,well,he's no Jonah Goldberg (the NRO author who took the USA Today spot after they kicked Ann Coulter out).

What Moore does in the column is create a straw man - what Republicanism means - and then says that because most Republicans disagree with at least something in that platform, they are all really closet Dems, or should be.

I asked one man who told me he was a "proud Republican," "Do you think we need strong laws to protect our air and water?"

"Well, sure," he said. "Who doesn't?"

I asked whether women should have equal rights, including the same pay as men.

"Absolutely," he replied.

"Would you discriminate against someone because he or she is gay?"

"Um, no." The

The problem is that all these things have no solid description. Many Republicans might agree with "strong" laws regarding water cleanliness, but they have different definitions of strong, as well as clean. Republicans are smart enought to do cost-benefit analysis instead of picking an arbitrary arsenic level that is expensive to achive with no actual safety effect, and then accusing their opponents of poisioning kids. They are all for equal rights for women, but realize that women will sometimes use those rights to take lower-paying jobs, thus causing the raw numbers for salaries to tilt in favor of men. And they don't feel that not necessarily supporting gay marriage, which no matter what you feel is a change from several centuries of tradition, makes them guilty of discrimination.

Another Moore technique -pretend that the world is the way that we wish it was, not the way it actually was, and pretend that reflects politics, not dreams.
Throw in some statements that aren't actually true, and you have a Moore paragraph. Like this one:

, they are quite liberal and not in sync with the Republicans who run the country. Most don't want America to be the world's police officer and
prefer peace to war. They applaud civil rights, believe all Americans should have health insurance and think assault weapons should be banned.

I don't know about the assault weapon part, and I would guess that those who complain about assault weapons don't realize that there is no real non-cosmetic
difference between assault weapons and many other guns. As far as health insurance, while many republicans might agree (the rest probably realize that some
young healthy people would rather spend their money on other stuff), they don't want the government to control it. I don't think Republicans are against civil rights. But the worst of it is the "prefer peace to war" line. Everyone prefers peace to war. However, sometimes you have to use war to obtain peace, as Lileks said so well a while back. Republicans aren't out to kill people because they enjoy killing people, but rather they kill terroists and tyrants because it's the only way to obtain peace in the long run.

Republicans, like Dems, have differing views on many issues. Moore likes to pretend that everyone thinks exactly the same as the radical-right way that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft and Co. have defined Republicans. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't consider many of Bush's policies are all that far to the right (think education), it seems odd that Moore thinks Bush and Dick share the exact same agenda, when they don't even agree with each other on everything.

And then their's Moore on economics:
I asked my friend on the street. He said what I hear from all RINOs: "I don't want the government taking my hard-earned money and taxing me to death. That's what the Democrats do."
Money. That's what it comes down to for the RINOs. They do work hard and have been squeezed even harder to make ends meet. They blame Democrats for wanting to take their money. Never mind that it's Republican tax cuts for the rich and billions spent on the Iraq war that have created the largest deficits in history and will put all of us in hock for years to come.

Those tax cuts for the "rich" are one of the best things that can happen to the economy - poor people don't start businesses or hire people or create jobs. But the Dems also have a habit of defining anyone with a job as rich and raising their taxes. As far as the deficit, if we have to incur some debt to fight terrorism, it's worth it. It's like getting a mortgage to buy a house, only instead of a condo we get fewer terrorists.

Moore ends with this:
The Republican Party's leadership knows America is not only filled with RINOs, but most Americans are much more liberal than the delegates gathered
in New York... As tough of a pill as it is to swallow, Republicans know that the only way to hold onto power is to pass themselves off as, well, as
most Americans. It's a good show.

Never mind that the Democrats did the exact same thing with their convention -pretending they were more conservative than they really are. And many of the things that Moore sees as controversial in the Republican party - abortion, gay marriage, ect - are controversial to Democrats too. Heck. Kerry can't even make up his mind about most of the issues - how can you expect everyone in a party to agree?

Moore and his ilk want the U.S. to embrace big government in every aspect except the one that matters - defending ourselves against terrorism. I doubt that's how most Americans - Democrat or Republican - feel.


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