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Friday, August 13, 2004

Mommy smells like smoke...

A Virginia woman has been thrown in jail for smoking around her kids.

I saw this story posted on a (non-political) forum I read sometimes, and everyone was in favor of it. I'm not.

First of all, the effects of secondhand smoking are unproven and overrated. Secondly, it wasn't that this woman was hotboxing with her kids every day. She smoked once with her kids in the car, and she tried to blog off the smoke by surrounding herself with plastic bags. OK, that might have been a bit half-assed, but should she go to jail for it?

She was barred from smoking by the cutody agreement she signed, so I guess you could argue it was voluntarily. However, jail still seems a bit extreme, and it makes one wonder what's next - will parents be jailed for having a beer in front of their kids? If I sit on my deck and smoke a fat cigar while my neighbor's kids are in smelling distance, will I be spending time in the pen with a guy named Bubba? When government starts regulating how people raise their children and what people can do in their own cars, I start to get nervous.


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