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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Me thinks you doth protest too much...

I've talked about how it seems interesting that the dems got a ton of security at their convention while a judge is restricting basic metal barriers for the Republican convention. This is especially interesting considering the stuff that the happy fun left wing has planned for the convention.

Obviously, I'm hoping that the convention doesn't get disrupted. But I'm also hoping that there is some media converage of the protesters, who feel that they were repressed by the media at the Dem's convention. Why? Because these people are freaks.

Take a look at the Protest warrior movie. Who do you think the average swing voter can relate to better - the righties, well dressed, well groomed, and civilized, or the lefty protestors who are stepping on flags, yelling incoherently, and look like they haven't bathed in a week.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the fine protest photoblogging of here, here, here and here.

When I read dems on blogs or see them on talk shows, they seem to be spitting rage on how much they hate Bush. I hope they continue to do that, because they are going to speak themselves out of any chance in winning. The election is going to be decided by swing voters, the people in the middle. The fact that these people are undecided means that they are thinking of voting for Bush. When they see coverage of the convention, and see Republicans going to the convention interspersed with guys who haven't shaved in 3 years screaming about how BUSH=HITLER, who do you think middle American swing voters from, say, Ohio, are going to relate better to?

Do the protesters represent the Democratic party? Probably not, but I think they have a lot in common, especially in terms of offering unsubstantiated charges against Bush instead of specifics on what they will do better. And when there are a ton of them at the Republican convention, especially if they are violent, compared to nearly none at the democratic convention, it will reflect badly on the dems.


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