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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Great McJob, guys... (AKA scenes from McDonalds, part 1)

I usually try to avoid McDonalds, but I was in a hurry at work, and I had coupons for their new chicken selects, so my coworker and I went there for dinner.

My coworker orders. Conversation goes like this:

McGuy: What kind of sauce do you want?

Coworker: Ranch.

McGuy: Ok, no sauce then.

Coworker: Huh?

Guy then gives me my food. Since I seem to get shorted something every time, I open the bag. I had a coupon for a free chicken select. Open bag. No chicken select. I ask him about it and he indignitly goes "well, it's over there" - pointing to the food prep area - as if it was some unreasonable that my food be placed in the bag and not left on the other side of McDonalds.

I always go to McDonald's (especially that particular McDonald's) with low expectations, yet it always turns out they were too high.


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