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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Darn those rich.... democrats

PowerLine points to this interesting list of the largest contributors to 527 organizations. 527's are tax-deductible organizations that are basically a loophole around campaign-finance reforms (and a great example of the stupidity of restricting campaign finance) that allow people to donate unlimited amounts of money for campaigns as long as it isn't directly connected to the candidate. Examples include (who have not, in fact, moved on) and Swift Boat Vets for Justice.

Anyway, it's interesting to look at the list, because out of the top 25 contributors, 24 are Democrats. The loan Republican is Carl Linder. The list is interesting. Aside from well-known Soros, it also includes founders of tasty smoked turkey vendor Boar's Head and godawful software company RealNetworks.

So the next time that someone tells you the Republicans are the ones with the ties to big money, the people who have undue influence over the political process, and the source of negative campaign ads, point them to this list.


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