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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Crushing the dissent... of conservatives

An interesting article via Drudge on the Swift Boat Vets book.

Apparently, book store chain Barnes and Noble have faced criticism from both sides for the book - from the right for being out of stock of it and from the left for selling it at all.

It strikes me as ironic that the left always claims the right is crushing their dissent, but they are quick to jump on any outlet that the conservatives have to get their points across, even when it is the only one of it's kind. Nobody gave a crap about AM radio for years until Limbaugh turned talk radio into a viable media, now you hear talk radio refered to by the air america bunch as some sort of conservative plot hatched in smokey back rooms. Cable news was liberal until FOX News came along, and so started to try to get the FCC to make them change their slogan. And now you have books.

As Lileks described so well in the opening of this column, a trip to the political section of the local chain bookstore is enough to make any conservative feel like he or she is about to puke up their $4 latte. Piles of "George Bush eats children, tourtures puppies, and is dumber than my shoe" on prominent display, with one or two conservative books buried somewhere if you're lucky - and with dirty looks from the goth cashier if you buy one. And now a book comes along that could arguably help conservatives, and Dems want them to sell it because they don't like it's message.

Who is crushing whose dissent?


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