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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Can you judge a man by what he eats..

Powerline had had great coverage of Kerry's eating issues, including his slumming at Wendy's, then eating shrimp vindaloo at the Yatch Club and his tendancy to say he is going to local resturants, then not showing up..

I think that it is interesting to compare this to Bush's unannouced visit in New Mexico. Instead of saying he's going to go to places he doesn't, Bush goes to local eateries without announcing it, actually buys food from them, and encouraged the reporters there to buy food too.

Bush seems to be a much more likable, down to earth guy, despite the liberals who try to paint him as evil Hitler - and I think that that is going to resonate with the swing voters that both candidates are going after.

In the small world catagory, I've actually eaten at the Alexis Diner mentioned in the first article - the Newburg, NY resturant that Kerry said he was stopping at, then skipped. I used to go there with my parents during the fall - we would tour local wineries, and stop for apples. He missed a good cheesesteak.


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