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Monday, August 23, 2004

Bought a fat new laptop...

well, not exactly. It has a 75mhz pentium processor, an 800 meg hard drive, and runs Windows 95. But it's also insanely tiny. It's a Toshiba Libretto, a tiny portable palmtop made in 1997 that is about the size of a vhs tape.

I paid $82.50 plus shipping, which is a little lower than most of them seem to sell for, and it includes the port replicator. I figure it might be fun to use with a wireless card for wardriving, as well as just to have as a historical example of technology. Until I get enough to buy a vintage corvette, I'll have my vintage Libretto.

The one thing wrong with it is a locked BIOS password, but I found someone else on eBay who sells a dongle that can be used to unlock it - there are instructions online to make it yourself, but that's too much work for my lazy arse.

The auction is here


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