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Thursday, July 29, 2004

You down with DNC? Not if you know me...

I got a letter from the John Kerry/Democratic National committee today. It starts out in the second paragraph that they "know how hard you have already worked to prepare our Party for victory in 2004". WTF? I've never given to any political campaigns (yet - I keep saying I'll kick in a few bucks for Bush eventually) and I'm a registered Republican. And I write a blog with a giant "days until the election Bush/Cheney" counter on the side, but I can't expect the DNC to know that.

The funny thing is this is the second Democrat fundraising letter I've gotten. The first was a far more left-wing one - I think it was written by Barbara Boxer - and it was filled with some pretty strong "Bush is the worst president ever and is destroying America" drivel. If you are a die-hard dem, it may be exactly what you want to hear, but if you are a die-hard Republican it makes you dislike them more, and I can't imagine swing voters like it either.

The DNC letter is pretty calm - it's got the usual stuff about evil HMO's, destroying ANWAR, and defending civil liberties, but that's to be expected, and it's politics.

I did get one letter from the Republicans a while ago, none since.

I can't help wonder how I got on the DNC's list - it seems like they would get it from voter rolls, and a guy who is a registered Republican in a city that's 90% democrat doesn't seem like a candidate for donating.

I've always disliked untargeted marketing. It always strikes me as odd that companies supposedly know everything about everyone, but their marketing is always untargeted - ie all the credit card ads I get in the mail stress low interest rates and balance transfers, even though I have never carried a balance. You think with all the info out there, the Dems could at least figure out who their party faithful is - and if they aren't sure who is who, they might want to send out a middle-of-the road, swing-voter-oriented plea to those who they aren't sure, and keep the party faithful stuff for the people who definitly are party faithful.


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