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Saturday, July 10, 2004


Amazon is now featuring plogs - a blog of stuff they think you should buy based on previous purchases.

It's an interesting idea, and I'm always glad when companies come up with ways to market based on stuff I actually want, rather than sending me letters to refinance the house I don't own or spam to enlarge the boobs I don't have.

The success, of course, will depend on how well the items fit the person's purchasing. I had three recommendations - a wireless bridge (because I bought my RePlay 5060 DVR from them), GMAT prep books (because I bought three GMAT books from them) and a digital camera (because I bought a media reader from them). The first two make sense (although I already took the GMAT's, so I don't need the books anymore) but the camera seemed odd - if I own a media reader, doesn't that mean that I have a digital camera already?


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