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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Am I a traitor for liking Trader Joe's?

When I was in college, one of my roomate's girlfriend was a huge fan of
Trader Joe's, the natural/gourmet foods supermarket. My other roomate and I would make fun of him mercilessly for shopping at such a trendy and pretencious place.

Well, a couple months ago my coworker and soon to be ex-housemate BSOM got me hooked on the Trader's. I was in Towson going to Target, and he wanted to stop there. I decided to try a few items from them... and they were good. I especially like their frozen fried rice in a bag and provolone cheese. But the most adictive item is their seseme and honey covered cashews. I think they are actually coated with pure crack, they are so addictive.

I'm usually a cheap, coupon-using shopper, and while I find myself spending more at Trader's than I do at Giant, it's not all that much more - and the food is way better.

But I can't help feeling like some sort of new age hippy when I shop there.


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