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Monday, July 05, 2004

Al Gore "invented" the internet, and now John Kerry will use it to save the economy...

This article on Powerline tipped me off to John Kerry's brilliant plan for using the internet to save the economy.

Powerline pokes fun at his misspeak of "cutting capital gains" (that's called socialism, folks) and paying for it by "accelerating the transition to digital telivision". I'm not sure how my watching CSI in HDTV produces government revenues (and I dread the coming of HDTV because it means I'll have to shell out the money for a converter, and you know I love buying shit that I don't want because the government makes me if I want to continue watching the TV).

His platform also says that universal broadband could add $500 billion to the U.S. economy and generate more than 1.2 million jobs.. How? The main uses of broadband seem to be to download porn and pirate music faster. So are Kerry's jobs going to be in the porn industry?

He also wants to make sure that first responders have broadband - so that your firemen can be downloading porn off Kazaa instead of putting out your house fire, I suppose.

He's also going to reward schools that turn out more engineering and science degrees. Because you know that the kids who got into science or engineering because their school pushed them into it are really going to be the ones motivated to invent the next microchip or lifesaving drug.


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