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Monday, June 28, 2004

Why did Jadakiss become such a crappy rapper...

I've always kind of liked what I've heard of Jadakiss - I thought that "Knock Yourself Out" was pretty cool, and I liked that he discovered Bubba Sparxx, who I thought was a unique and talented rapper. But I have to say I've lost that respect after hearing his new song Why. It's a series of questions, some humorous, but there are a couple that are nonsensical. The biggest of these is "why did Bush knock down the towers?" - yup, he's going beyond the traditional claims that Bush either should have known about 9/11, or did know about it and didn't do anything, right into the total moonbattery of saying that he caused it. Never mind the 19 Al Quaeda members on the planes, never mind the tape of Bin Laden rejoicing over doing it, he thinks that was all Bush.

It also contains the nonsensical questions "why did they let the terminator win the elections?" (umm, maybe because he got more votes than anyone else) and "why didn't they give us a cure for AIDS? (umm, maybe because it's a virus, and there is no cure for a virus).

It seems to be a pattern of those on the far left to bring up claims, with no proof, just random thoughts, and then act as if these are hard proof of some far-out conspiracy. Sort of, you know, like Michael Moore's movie.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Anthony Should make a documentary on how much of a no talent ass clown Michael Moore is and in the same documentary prove you can live a perfectly normal life Eating only Taco Bell, moving as seldomly as possible and only leaving the house for Work and Target (pro-nounced tar-je)clearence sales. It would certainly be more intellectually stimulating than Moore skewing "facts" to "prove" that his "point", that Bush and business are misusing money and should share with the rest of the country...ohh, how much $$$ did he/will he make on this movie, I think he should use it all to give the state of Rhode Island free Health Care!


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