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Monday, June 28, 2004

Sometimes I wish Republican senators would act it...

Republican senator Orrin Hatch has introduced the INCUCE act aimed at P2P networks that are supposedly corrupting children to commit the horrible crime of file sharing. The act is ludacris, and the link gives far more analysis than I ever could. But it makes me ponder a few things:

-Why is Republican senator co-sponsoring a bill that basically makes him a shill for the entertainment industry? Most entertainers and industry players are on the left, and much of what they produce is works of art with a decidely liberal slant. Wouldn't it be in Hatch and other Republican's best interests to have the entertainment industry do as badly as possible? Why support something that is going to hurt you?

-Shouldn't people, even parents and children, have the ability to make choices for themselves? Do we really need the government telling them what to do? What ever happned to individual rights?

-What ever happened to giving businesses the benefit of the doubt, and not assuming that they are all out to corrupt children for their own gain? I thought Republicans were supposed to be pro-business

-Good job for co-sponsoring a bill with Pat Lehey, the guy that Dick Cheney gave a much deserved FU to last week.


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