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Friday, June 18, 2004

Pizza Pizza? More like Crap, Crap

Went to Little Caesar's last night for dinner - I hadn't been to one in years, probably since I was in grade school. There used to be one near where I grew up in NJ, but it closed down years ago. I remember thinking the pizza was pretty good back in the day, and cheap.

Well, it's still cheap, but not very good. Tastes like frozen pizza more than anything. Next to no toppings - one of the pizzas we got was olive, and there were literally slices that had about 3 olive slices on them. I think the whole pizza had maybe two olives, tops. Customer service was pretty bad, interior design circa 1985, ect. At one point, a guy wanted a couple cups. The woman tried to charge the guy for them. When he decides to forget about the cups and leaves, the woman goes "what, did he think we would just give them to him? I couldn't help but think that a customer-serviced-focused company would.

The funny thing is there website has an article
bragging about their improvements. (first article, pdf format).


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